Geotechnical studies for the construction of wind farms

The implementation of wind energy has been growing exponentially throughout the world in recent years, becoming an efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional energy models.

The large wind farms are able to transform the force of the wind into
clean and renewable electric energy.

The sector of wind farms (on land or at sea) is currently evolving towards the use of increasingly large and efficient turbines that require a solid, reliable and durable foundation for wind turbines.

In this aspect, the previous analysis of the soil and the subsoil is vital to determine the viability and durability of each project.

It is also key when establishing the distance between wind turbines, as well as the future height of them, which will largely depend on the characteristics of the land, in order to optimize the use of wind speed.

At IPMA we help in the process of selecting the location of the wind farms.

For this we offer services adapted to the geological needs of each land for the implementation of wind turbines:


Geotechnical research for wind farms.


Pre-sizing of wind turbine foundations.


Previous analysis of the land in inaccessible areas for the location of wind turbines.

Thanks to our engineering and environmental consulting departments, our company offers developers the necessary geological-geotechnical information to develop each project, as well as environmental research (flora, fauna …) and impact that, along with the economic viability of the project, will be fundamental in the future success of the wind farm.


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