Hydrology and hydrogeology

Our engineering services include hydrological and hydrogeological studies and are aimed at a wide spectrum of clients, from individuals to large companies, with projects adjusted technically and economically to the needs of the user.

Hydrology is the study of water, its occurrence, distribution, circulation and physical, chemical and mechanical features on the earth’s surface. This includes rainfall, runoff, soil moisture and evapotranspiration.

Hydrology and hydrogeology

The branch of geology that studies groundwater in relation to its origin, its flow, its geological conditions, its interaction with the subsoil and properties (physical, chemical, bacteriological and radioactive) is called hydrogeology.

The hydrological studies are mainly oriented to protection against the action of surface waters (runoff) and rivers. A proper knowledge of the flood basins or the affections on the channels are essential requirements before beginning any urbanistic action or infrastructural.

Any action that takes place in the police area, less than 100 meters from the limit of a channel, requires a hydrological study to obtain authorization from the corresponding Hydrographic Confederation.

We also work in the investigation of aquifers because the amount of water that can be extracted from these underground formations depends, among others, on the volume and characteristics (fundamentally porosity and permeability) of the materials in which it is hosted. And we provide data on the hydrogeological system to determine the existence of one or more aquifers.

Thanks to our experience in engineering, we provide information on the hydrological potential of the research area that is reflected in the hydrogeological study of the aquifer, in addition to taking samples of the stored water to evaluate its quality, detailing the shape and structure of the geological layers of the project area.

We also carry out design and monitoring projects for surveillance and environmental control networks to carry out an adequate control of the chemical status of groundwater in aquifers.

In addition, we carry out risk analysis linked to potentially contaminating activities, identifying possible sources.


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Hydrology and hydrogeology

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Hydrology and hydrogeology


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