Projects, procedures and geothermal installations

Like other energy facilities, geothermal installations must comply with specific regulations that entail drafting a project to submit the permit application to the competent state authority of the Ministry of Industry, which must authorize any drilling and geothermal installation work.

Mining Law 22/1973, modified subsequently, establishes the legal regime of the investigation and use of mineral deposits and other geological resources, whatever their origin and physical condition. This law regulates geothermal installations and requires the presentation and approval of the project to be executed.

To do this, the same must be presented and detailed by a licensed Mining Engineer and pay the corresponding fees to the competent authority that must dictate a resolution in this regard.

Industry will check what basic aspects for the execution of the installation comply with the law. Such aspects are, among others, depth sounding, type of mining technique used or waste management

Once they approve the project, the administration gives a term of 18 months for the execution and once the execution is finished, a work completion certificate must be presented. In this way, the installation record is kept for future works or nearby actions.

Finally, the geothermal installation (depth of the boreholes, type of installed sound, etc.) and the thermal installation (type of heat pump, power, etc.) must be legalized by an authorized installer.

In IPMA, our authorized professionals, both Mining Engineer and installers, are responsible for developing all the procedures before the delegation of Industry, Energy and Mines, among which are:


Drafting request for geothermal drilling permits


Thermal installations legalisation


Geothermal installations legalisation


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