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Geotechnics and geophysics, renewable energy, hydrogeology, geothermal and environmental consulting

About us

IPMA is a company fully specialized in the engineering and consulting field, covering the geotechnical-geology, environmental and water engineering areas, whosemain goal is to provide technical assistance and efficient quality solutions.


Our area of specialization is e engineering and consulting. Our objective is to provide quality solutions in the fields of geophysics and geotechnics, renewable energies, hydrogeology and geothermal energy.

Five reasons to hire us

Long-time experience

IPMA has been working for over 15 years at national and international level having successfully completed more than 500 projects or studies.

Customer commitment

IPMA acts on each of their services with the full involvement of their means giving continuous customer support to the client and jointly designing the tools to achieve the objectives.

Social commitment

Within our productive activity, the creation and consolidation of employment and personal and family development are part of our objectives.


IPMA provides high adaptability to the needs of our customers allowing synergies to ensure, at every moment, the success of the objectives.

Environmental commitment

IPMA is a company with a high commitment to the environment that is clearly bet on developing a philosophy that values ​​the environmental issues in the development of its strategy.

We are a global company

Our staff is highly qualified and has experience working abroad. In addition, we have the necessary technical resources to guarantee an efficient service to our customers.

We provide you everything you need: technical assistance, hydrological and geological studies. Environmental studies, pathology analysis, technical recommendations, geophysical surveys, risk reports.

IPMA, has provided technical assistance in geological and geotechnical characterizations, geophysical analysis, environmental studies, feasibility studies, risk analysis, driving tests (Pull Out Test) and hydrological studies and draining structure calculations for both national and international projects:
We provide geotechnical, geophysical and geological services.


  • Panamá
  • Rep. Dominicana
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • Brazil


  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Holland


  • Angola


  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam


  • New Zealand

Geotechnics and Geophysics

We provide geotechnical, geophysical and geological services.

We have developed studies, projects and
technical assistances since 2004.

Renewable energy

In IPMA, we have more than 15 years of experience, providing technical assistance services for the development of projects related to renewable energies.

Hydrology and hydrogeology

Our engineering services include hydrological and hydrogeological studies and are mainly focused to guarantee the best layout for the different infrastructures.

Geothermal energy

At IPMA, we dimension each geothermal project according to the customer’s needs. We are able
to achieve this because of the previous study of the characteristics of the ground and calculating the energy needs of the building or installation.

Engineering and consulting services for photovoltaic projects

For Photovoltaic Solar Energy (ESF) installations to work correctly, in addition to knowing the value of solar irradiation throughout the entire study area, it is also essential to carry out an analysis of the ground on which the facilities will be implemented in order to optimize the resources needed to start up the project.

This procedure allows to set criteria at the moment of deciding on the viability of a project.

Aware of the technical specifications relating to the structures to be used, IPMA can carry out “in situ” testing if driving foundation structures.

Environmental consulting

At IPMA we offer environmental engineering and consulting services that include advising, reports and studies, as well as all kinds of formalities related to environmental matters.

National and international legislation on the environmental issues as well as measures to curb the impact of business activity on the environment have been increasing in the las few decades.

Nowadays, the environmental awareness is increasing every day both in society in general and also in companies.

That is why it is so important to provide environmental engineering and consulting and to be able to count on an expert company in this area in order to carry out the studies required to perform different sorts of projects.




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