Company specialized in renewable energies

Renewable energies are a non-polluting energy source that contributes to minimize the effects of climate change, according to the most advanced scientific research.

Among its advantages is the fact that its production comes from natural sources that do not run out, such as sun or wind.

Renewable energy

It is what we know as ‘green energy’ that, in addition, makes it possible to reduce the dependence on other types of more conventional energy supplies.

At IPMA we have more than 15 years of experience in the provision of engineering and consulting services for renewable energy projects, such as solar photovoltaic plants, wind farms, installation of wind turbines, solar thermal power plants, substations and transmission lines.

Our work experience has led us to develop projects in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, offering our clients a high adaptation capacity in the area where their projects are located.

We are specialized in the preparation of field studies for photovoltaic solar plants and wind turbines, from the initial phase that confirms the viability of the project to the final selection of the site.

The orography of the land, the environmental impact and proximity to the electricity grid are some of the variables to be analyzed.

A multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals is responsible for conducting a complete geological-geotechnical research process by means of the latest techniques available in the market. We define the most favorable locations for the project and suggest the introduction of corrective measures if necessary.

This is required by the current global context marked by climate change, a vital factor to take into account when considering the construction of new facilities or the improvement of existing ones.

For this, our company has tools for the interpretation of environmental phenomena, as a differentiating element within the sector.

Photovoltaic Solar Plants

Company specialized in renewable energies

Wind farms

Company specialized in renewable energies


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