Engineering services and geothermal energy projects

The installation of geothermal energy involves engineering and design work that starts with the study of the place where
the geothermal catchment field will be built.


Prior to its design and construction, the land must be studied to confirm its suitability for such installation.

The IPMA technicians carry out a preliminary study of the characteristics of the land, in addition to its suitability, to know the energy exchange capacity of the subsoil, which will directly influence the performance of the installation.

In this study, the type of ground in the subsoil, the presence of water or the space available will be taken into account, among other factors that will determine the type of geothermal installation.

It must be borne in mind that the type of subsoil will determine the price of the perforations and, therefore, the economic viability of the installation.

Once the viability has been verified and the energy requirements of the building or installation calculated, a sizing of the geothermal catchment area will be carried out. Another of the essential factors, in addition to the geological and thermal characteristics of the site, is the size of the land available for the geothermal installation.

Depending on the power and collection system we consider necessary to supply that project, housing or installation, one dimension or another will be needed.

Also, a selection of the most convenient interior air conditioning system will be made, which can be from underfloor heating, low temperature emitters, radiators or fan coils.

The geothermal services related to engineering and design are specified in the following aspects:


Design and dimensioning of the geothermal catchment field


Dimensioning of air conditioning production facilities


Land Suitability Evaluation (Thermal Response Tests)


Selection and sizing of interior climate systems (underfloor heating, fan coils, radiators, etc.)


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