Geotechnics, geophysics and geology

Engineering and Environmental Protection (IPMA) is a company specialized
in the areas of geotechnics and geology.

We provide geotechnical, geophysical and geological services, as well as developing researches,
projects and technical assistance since 2004

Geotechnics and geophysics

The geophysical prospecting allows to characterize the different physical properties of the subsoil. To this effect, we use the most up-to-date and leading-edge techniques in the market.

In addition, thanks to a wide range of qualified professionals, we offer reliable solutions to complex problems linked to the behaviour of the soil and the establishment of lasting foundations over time. These services are aimed to both individuals and companies.

Provided our specialization in geotechnics, we investigate the structure and dynamics of soils and rocks to determine their properties, which allows us to design and seize foundations for both construction and civil engineering works.

In addition, we apply various geophysical techniques to achieve optimal research in the field of geology-geotechnics.

In the philosophy of our company is the conviction that a good geotechnical study can save many costs when executing a work, taking into account the correct and proactive implementation of security.


and Civil Engineering Works

IPMA has specialized services in the field of engineering, consulting and technical consultancy for public and private construction projects and civil works.

We have specialized professionals with extensive experience in the characterization of the properties of the subsoil with the aim of favoring a correct design and construction in construction and civil works.

In the projects and researches carried out, we provide our clients with effective and efficient solutions when developing works of different magnitude and nature.

Our brand is associated with values such as the safety and durability of the work carried out:

  • We work taking into account the earthquake resistant design of foundations.
  • We guarantee the durability over time of our constructive recommendations.
  • Our research techniques focused on construction and civil engineering works are aimed to optimizing and saving costs in each project, always being aware of the latest techniques applicable.

Our professionals are trained in the management of state-of-the-art software linked to geotechnics for the execution of building projects and civil works, restoration, mining, hydraulic works…

In short, our consulting department in geology works to put geotechnics and geophysics at the service of construction and civil engineering works and for this, we have a wide range of services at your disposal:

  • Technical support in existing projects.
  • Geotechnical studies for construction and civil engineering works.
  • Preliminary geotechnical studies for draft projects and viability research.
  • Excavations below the water table
  • Geotechnical assistance on site.
  • Pathologies.
  • Obtainment of permits, licenses, services affected, replanting and accesses.
  • Supervision and control of field campaigns.
  • Compilation of Geological drafting documents, geotechnics and materials for linear works.
  • Geotechnical studies for structures and earth movements.
  • Slope stability studies and calculations for foundations.
  • Reuse of materials.
  • Selection of emplacements, associated geological risks, interaction with the water table, etc…
  • Geological and geotechnical cartography.
  • Studies of thermal conductivity of the land.
  • Compaction control for screeds, embankments and foundation.
  • Research studies for conventional landfill sites.

In addition, we provide our customers with tools for the redefinition of work or the prevention of geological risks along with effective foundation solutions, always tight to a reasonable price in the geotechnical study.


Nowadays, the civil engineering allows to do advanced designs of construction thanks to the techniques of geophysics applied to geotechnics, in order to obtain a clear knowledge of the area on which you want to develop a constructive project.

This technique allows the use of physical quantitative methods, such as the physics of reflection and refraction of mechanical waves, and a series of methods based on the measurement of gravity, electromagnetic, magnetic or electric fields and radioactive phenomena.

Our professionals put into practice a system of indirect intervention by means of these geophysical techniques that allow obtaining both soil and ground data for the settlement of the project, obtaining a global analysis in a spectrum broader than the one obtained by means of specific direct tests on the surface to investigate. All this has an impact on optimization and cost savings, offering a global overview.


Techniques such as refraction seismic method allow us to evaluate the material’s ripability and define 3D cubicles to estimate volumes of earthworks and thus define the costs of civil works for the viability of projects.

Regarding electromagnetic exploration in frequency domain (FDEM), it makes the detection of rocky bases and / or fractured areas possible, to know the situation of the water table or the possible existence of contaminated areas with leachates, on top of facilitating the geological characterization of the subsoil, among many other features.

The multielectrode and SEV geoelectric methods allow us to define the resistivity of the materials, allowing to detect cavities or punctual alterations of material, the study of contacts with superficial anthropic fillings and in landslides, as well as detection of possible aquifers.

This technique also allows to characterize the soil geoelectrically for the design of earth intakes.

This is the catalog of our services:


Seismic refraction


Electrical tomography


Electromagnetic exploration FDEM


Vertical electric soundings (SEV)


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