Geothermal energy: information and services

The subsoil can become an inexhaustible source of energy through geothermal energy, or what is the same, the heat flow stored under the Earth that, along with the solar radiation on the surface, serves to produce electricity or as an air conditioning system.

In IPMA we design each project according to the needs of the client thanks to the previous elaboration of geological and hydrogeological research as well as the climatological conditions of the place.

Geothermal services

Geothermal energy is a technology capable of improving current supply possibilities with thermal or electrical applications: homes, spas, heated swimming pools, hot water for greenhouse crops, uses in the aquaculture sector… The options are many and very varied.

The heat can be used for air conditioning and also to produce domestic hot water, thanks to geothermal heat exchangers and heat pumps, providing a thermal energy saving that reaches, in some cases, up to 70% compared to conventional systems such as gas or gasoil.

Through geothermal energy, we carry out engineering and design of facilities, projects and procedures to legalize the geothermal installation of individuals, in addition to providing advice for architecture studios or construction companies.

We perform the geothermal installation to feed a heating / air conditioning system with the possibility of hybridization with others (aerothermics, solar…), which also includes its commissioning and subsequent maintenance with a specialized technical service.

Our geothermal services

Geothermal energy: information and services

Engineering and design

The installation of geothermal energy involves engineering and design work that starts with the study of the place where the geothermal catchment field will be built.
Geothermal energy: information and services

Projects and processes

Prior to its design and construction, the land must be studied to confirm its suitability for such installation.

Why choose geothermal energy

Geothermal energy: information and services

Geothermal energy: costs and savings

Although geothermal energy is one of the least known among renewable energies, it is growing in recent years, since it has the best seasonal performance by offering a constant temperature in the subsoil, the source of its origin.
Geothermal energy: information and services

Advantages of geothermal energy

Reduced electricity consumption for the production of air conditioning, with heat and cold production, etc.


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