Start up of geothermal facilities

Our team also takes care of the start-up of the geothermal installation thanks to our own technical service.
We must remember that it is a clean and completely watertight system. However, before putting the system into operation, a series of procedures is required to ensure the proper functioning of the installation.
In particular, we verify the correct behaviour of the primary and secondary systems as well as we make sure the heat pump is capable of producing the desired temperature and the thermal jumps are within the appropriate ranges.

During this procedure the cleaning and purging of the system is also carried out, verifying the conditions of pressure and flow until the tightness and resistance tests of the installation.

Our geothermal technical service team will take care of all these steps. In case an anomalous operation is detected, they will be in charge of adjusting the system before its start-up in order to make it functioning correctly from the first start.

Later on, the heat pump is put into operation and a final verification of the stability of the return temperatures of the buried exchanger is carried out, as well as the pressure and the flow test in the circuit. Consumption and electrical power checks are also accomplished.

This start-up process does not usually take much time and all the verification and control actions of the correct functioning of the geothermal installation are carried out within one day.


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