Maintenance and servicing of geothermal energy

In IPMA we guarantee the maintenance of the air conditioning system of the geothermal installation thanks to a specialized technical service provided to the client, adjusted to the needs of his installation.
However, geothermal facilities do not require high maintenance, even in what has to do with the heat pump. In a geothermal installation, once the work is done in the subsoil, nothing else will be needed.

The maintenance of a geothermal installation basically consists in keeping track of the system (control of pressures, flow rates, temperature, electrical consumption, etc.) but it does not require periodic renewal of elements or part of the infrastructure.

Our technicians are qualified to carry out these monitoring works and thus optimize your installation over the years.

This in turn leads to greater system efficiency and savings compared to other energy systems that require more detailed and periodic technical maintenance that makes them more expensive.

In this sense, the investment in the geothermal installation is redeemed over a period of approximately six and eight years, and guaranteed by our team of professionals.

However, although the maintenance level of this installation is low, it is recommended to carry out the controls and system checks to ensure a long life service, as well as a good and continuous operation of the heat pump.

Our technicians will advise you in relation to the ideal periodicity and maintenance service of your installation. Do not hesitate to contact them.



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