Geothermal services: geothermal energy facilities

In IPMA we take care of the geothermal installation in private homes and buildings for collectivities: from the general and air conditioning systems
(and / or their hybridization with others) through the installation of the necessary geothermal heat pump for the correct functioning of the system.

What is a geothermal heat pump? It is a sealed circuit equipment through which circulates a refrigerant gas that exchanges temperature against a circuit through which a heat transfer fluid circulates to produce heat or cold according to the desired air conditioning needs.
This system produces heat taking advantage of the temperature exchange against a constant temperature focus that is the subsoil, thus enjoying high performance and energy and costs savings to the user.

Its operation is very simple. The geothermal exchanger is responsible for transferring the energy from the ground captured through the probe to a heat pump that is capable of concentrating it for its use as renewable energy for climate control based on cold or heat.

This type of geothermal installation significantly reduces the electricity consumption in heating, domestic hot water or cooling due to its optimal performance.

In our company we carry out researches to ensure that the temperature range between the heat source and the geothermal installation are adequate.

We bet on low temperature air conditioning systems that go from radiators to radiant or cooling floors or ceilings, fan coils or heat convectors that heat air or cool air, and can work in combination with other systems such as aerothermy.

What are the types of facilities carried out by our company?


Systems for single-family homes, residential, tertiary sector...


Different type of heat pumps regarding the power


Low temperature air conditioning systems (radiant / cooling floors, radiant / cooling roofs, fan coils, radiators, low temperature radiators, etc.)


Hybridization with other systems (aerothermy, solar, ventilation, etc.)


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